• Auditions

    Open audition notice for THE ROAD TO MECCA by Athol Fugard

    Auditions will be held Mon & Tue, Oct 11 & 12, 2021, starting at 7:00 pm both nights.

    Production dates: December 3-19, 2021

    Directed by Scott Madden

    Assistant Directed by Rebekah Madden

    Produced by Debra Kent

    THE ROAD TO MECCA is the story of the elderly Miss Helen and the interventions of her friends Elsa Barlow and Marius Byleveld. In response to Miss Helen’s plea for help in a letter, Elsa visits with her in an attempt to renew her spirit and confidence. Marius, concerned for Miss Helen’s well-being, tries to convince her to move into his church’s care home. In the midst of trying to do what’s best for the elderly artist, beliefs and friendships are challenged. At the end, the love between friends overpowers the differences that placed barriers between them.

    Casting Requirements:

    • Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.

    • A résumé and headshot are not required but are appreciated.

    • Please bring all scheduling conflicts between Oct 13 and Dec 19, 2021

    • *Cast and crew members must be fully vaccinated for Covid19

    Miss Helen:  (60+) As the protagonist in THE ROAD TO MECCA, Miss Helen fills the bleakness in her life and her Nieu Bethesda property with sculptures and statues that face Mecca. The unconventional pieces and her artistic lifestyle make Miss Helen an outcast in her community as her health and eyesight deteriorate. Throughout the play, Miss Helen struggles with depression, which stems from an aging process that she can’t control and the pressure that she feels to leave her beloved home.

    Elsa Barlow:  (20-30) Elsa is Miss Helen’s pen pal and her most trusted friend, despite an age difference. After Helen’s plea for help, Elsa makes the 445-mile trip from Cape Town to Nieu Bethesda. As Elsa stands up for Miss Helen and helps her gain confidence, the audience learns about Elsa’s apartheid-related struggles as a school teacher with black students. In the play, Marius and Elsa battle for Miss Helen’s soul as they each claim to know what’s best for the aging artist, who only wants the comforts of home and the freedom to express herself artistically.

    Marius Byleveld:  (60+) Calvinist pastor Marius Byleveld lives in Nieu Bethesda and visits Miss Helen regularly. He represents conservative values and complacency of a pro-Apartheid society. In the play, he and the church try to convince Miss Helen to move out of her home and into a retirement facility. Marius at times arrives to Helen’s home with the expectation that she’s ready to sign a contract and move out, which only deepens her depression. While Marius’ intentions in regard to Miss Helen and the community are good, they reflect the ignorant beliefs of his conservative society.

    For more information please contact Scott Madden.