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    Audition Information – Women in Jeopardy

    Mary, Jo and Liz are all middle aged, divorced moms and best friends. When Liz falls madly in love with Jackson, a local dentist who may or may not be a serial killer, Mary and Jo set out to rescue her from unthinkable peril. Add to that mix Liz’s clueless 19-year-old daughter Amanda, Amanda’s on-again, off-again but equally clueless boyfriend Trenner, and Kirk, a police detective who bears an uncanny resemblance to Jackson, and you have the makings for a wacky, comedic farce.

    Women in Jeopardy by Wendy MacLeod is a fast-paced, entertaining piece that will keep audiences laughing while they guess what comes next. But beneath all the laughter are questions that beg discussion: How do women see themselves as they navigate middle age? Do sisterhood and female friendship go out the door when a man walks through it? Do fish need bicycles?

    Production Dates: October 8 – 24, 2021

    Director: Marjorie Strader

    Producer: Deirdre Root

    Assistant Director: K.L. Storer

    Audition Dates: Monday August 23 and Tuesday August 24 at 7 PM at the Dayton Theatre Guild


    Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.

    A resume and headshot are not required but are encouraged.

    Please bring ALL scheduling conflicts between August 25 and October 24, 2021

    Character Descriptions:

    • Mary (40s-early 50s) divorced, a librarian, “still” pretty, motherly
    • Jo (40s-early 50s) divorced, Mary’s best friend, a publicist, sardonic
    • Liz (40s-early 50s) divorced, Mary’s other best friend, a director of admissions, a bit of a drama queen
    • Amanda (19) Liz’s daughter, an exceptionally pretty college student whose SATs were in the single digits
    • Trenner (19) Amanda’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, a snowboarder, sweet but not too bright
    • Jackson (40s-early 50s), a dentist, Liz’s new boyfriend, creepy, given to strange pronouncements about death and disease (preferably able to bear some strange resemblance to any actor who is known for playing creepy roles – i.e. Christopher Walken, Anthony Hopkins, Ralph Fiennes, etc.)
    • Kirk Sponsuller (played by the same actor who plays Jackson) (40s-early 50s) a police sergeant, courtly, chivalrous, a man of few or entirely obfuscated words

    For further information, including perusal script, contact:

    Marjorie Strader (mstraderia@gmail.com)