• Our Next Production

    by  • November 19, 2014

    Heartbreak House
    by George Bernard Shaw

    Directed by Patrick Hayes

    Production Dates: May 29-June 14, 2015

    Shaw’s famous comedy about Romance vs. Commerce in WWI is led by Captain Shotover who can only produce destructive inventions – and lives in a house where no conventions or traditions are observed. This play is peopled by characters that twist each of these points-of-view into comic consideration. A play particularly suited to our time?

    Congratulations to the cast of…

    by  • May 29, 2014

    Heartbreak House

    by George Bernard Shaw

    Directed by Patrick Hayes

    Production Dates: May 29-June 14, 2015


    Nurse Guinness – Wendi Michael
    Captain Shotover – Chuck Larkowski
    Lady Utterwood – Lorrie Sparrow-Knapp
    Ellie – Cassidy Rowley
    Mrs Hushabye – Cassandra Engber
    Mazzini – John Spitler
    Mangan – Geoff Burkman
    Hector – Jeff Sams
    Randall – Isaac Hollister
    The Burglar – Dakota Duclo

    Announcing Our 2015/2016 Season

    by  • April 22, 2014

    We are please to announce our forthcoming, 2015/2016 season.

    OUTSIDE MULLINGAR by John Patrick Shanley

    Production Dates: Aug 21-Sep 6, 2015

    From the author of DOUBT and MOONSTRUCK comes a romantic comedy set in rural Ireland. Anthony and Rosemary are 40-somethings who haven’t got a clue when it comes to love. These hopeless singletons will need to overcome a bitter land feud, familial rivalries, and their own romantic fears to find happiness. Full of dark humor and poetic prose, Pulitzer-Prize winning writer John Patrick Shanley’s tenderhearted portrait reminds us it’s never too late to take a chance on love. (Tony Award Nominee for Best Play)

    Directed by David Shough
    Produced by K.L.Storer

    Audition dates: July 6 & 7, 2015

    = = = = = =

    THE COLUMNIST by David Auburn

    Production dates: Oct 2-18, 2015

    In mid-century America, newspaper columnists are kings — and Joseph Alsop wears the biggest crown. Joe sits at the nexus of Washington life: beloved, feared, and courted in equal measure by the very people whose careers he determines. But as the sixties dawn and America undergoes dizzying change, the intense political dramas Joe has been throwing his weight around in — supporting the war in Vietnam and Soviet containment, criticizing student activism — come to bear a profound personal cost. A play from the Pulitzer and Tony Award-winning author of PROOF.

    Directed by Doug Lloyd
    Produced by TBA

    Audition dates: Aug 24 & 25, 2015, 7:00 pm*

    = = = = = =

    **** HOLIDAY EXTRA ****

    by Peter Rothstein with Musical arrangements by Erick Lichte and Timothy C. Takach

    Production dates: Nov 20-Dec 6, 2015

    The Western Front, Christmas, 1914. Out of the violence a silence, then a song. A German soldier steps into No Man’s Land, singing “Stille Nacht.” Thus begins an extraordinary night of camaraderie, music, peace. A remarkable true story, told in the words and songs of the men who lived it.

    Directed by Kathy Mola
    Produced by Barbara Jorgensen

    Audition dates: Oct 5 & 6, 2015, 7:00 pm*

    = = = = = =

    NIGHT WATCH by Lucille Fletcher

    Production dates: Jan 8-24, 2016

    Elaine Wheeler, troubled by unsettling memories and vague fears, suffers from insomnia and appears to be close to becoming unhinged as one suspicious event after another takes place. From their Manhattan townhouse, her husband tries to comfort her, but when he steps away for a moment, Elaine screams as she sees (or believes she sees) the body of a dead man in the window across the way. The police are called, but find nothing except an empty chair. Elaine’s terror grows as shortly thereafter she sees still another body — this time a woman’s — but by now the police are skeptical and pay no heed to her frantic pleas.

    Directed by Saul Caplan
    Produced by Debra Kent

    audition dates: Nov 23 & 24, 2015, 7:00 pm*

    = = = = = =

    SLOWGIRL by Greg Pierce

    Production dates:  Feb 26-Mar 13, 2016

    Sterling, a former lawyer turned recluse in the Costa Rican jungle, is surprised by the arrival of his 17-year-old niece, Becky, whom he barely knows.  She is a talkative high-schooler whose parents sent her out of town for a week of obscurity in the wilderness. Unaccustomed to having constant company, Sterling slowly acquires a sense of Becky’s situation, which is disconcertingly similar to his own retreat from the opinions of others, and both realize their own remorse over moral negligences.

    Directed by Rick Flynn
    Produced by Kathy Mola

    Audition dates: Jan 11 & 12, 2016, 7:00 pm*

    = = = = = =

    THE TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL by Horton Foote

    Production dates: Apr 15-May 1, 2016

    Carrie Watts is living the twilight of her life trapped in an apartment in 1940’s Houston, Texas, with a controlling daughter-in-law and a hen-pecked son. Her fondest wish — just once before she dies — is to revisit Bountiful, the small Texas town of her youth which she still refers to as “home.” But her son, Ludies, is too concerned for her health to allow her travel alone, and her petty daughter-in-law, Jessie Mae, insists they don’t have money to squander on bus tickets. This prompts “escape” attempts each month, which coincide with the arrival of Mrs. Watts’ Social Security check. Then, Mrs. Watts makes a successful escape, and one last trip home.

    Directed by Craig Smith
    Produced by Debra Kent

    Audition dates: Feb 29 & Mar 1, 2016, 7:00 pm*

    = = = = = =

    LAST GAS by John Cariani

    Production dates: May 27-June 12, 2016

    Nat Paradis is a Red Sox-loving, part-time single dad who manages Paradis’ Last Convenient Store, the last convenient place to get gas — or anything — before the Canadian border to the north and the North Maine Woods to the west. When an old flame returns to town, Nat gets a chance to rekindle a romance he gave up on years ago. But sparks fly as he’s forced to choose between new love and old. LAST GAS takes a hilarious and heartbreakingly hard look at love lost and found, and what it means to “get back to happy.”

    Directed by Debra Kent
    Produced by K.L.Storer

    Audition dates: Apr 18 & 19, 2016, 7:00 pm*

    *audition dates may be subject to change.

    Information about the 2015/2016 Season Tickets will be forthcoming